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糸屋 ご利用案内

Guesthouses are cheap accommodations that omit services or amenities provided in hotels or ryokan and are basically in a self-service way.
Shower room, toilet, kitchen, etc. are shared among guests, and thus there are many chances to communicate with other guests.

In Guesthouse Itoya, guests can use the kitchen and the refrigerator to cook for themselves.。
You may dine and drink in the common room and spend the time leisurely with other guests.


Check-in: 16:00〜21:00
Check-in is not available except for this period, so please be punctual.
If you are going to be late due to traffic disruption, remember to contact us.

Check-out: 8:00〜11:00
Early check-out is available if you inform us in advance.

Reception hours

8:00〜11:00 and 16:00〜21:00
The staff may go out between 11 and 16, so the entrance is locked.

We may not be able to keep your luggage during this period.
You can leave your luggage here between 8 and 11, and come get it between 16 and 21.


Pay at check-in in cash (Japanese Yen).
No credit cards accepted.


No curfew.
You'll get the key at check-in.
Please lock the entrance between 21:00 and 8:00


This is a non-smoking guesthouse except in the designated area.


There is no parking.
Please use nearby coin parking lots.


Free Wi-Fi available.
Shared kitchen with cookware, seasoning, a refrigerator, free coffee and tea, and Niigata rice.
Shared toilet and shower room without time limit.
Shared hair dryer.
Washing machine. (200 yen per load with detergent)


Shower room with shampoo and body soap.
For rent: towel 50 yen, bath towel 100 yen, Japanese bathrobe 400 yen (limited).
For sale: toothbrush set 50 yen, earplugs 100 yen.


Supermarkets, convenient stores, Funaoka Onsen (a public bath) within walk distance.
Please ask for details at reception.


Rental bicycle: 500 yen/one day
(The number has a limitation. )


Guesthouse Itoya is an old wooden house located in a residential area.
Please note the following.

※Itoya is in a residential area so when you go out or come back late at night, please avoid disturbing the neighbors or the sleeping guests.
※Some of the room partitions are Japanese sliding doors.
※Itoya is not soundproof and is not like hotels or ryokan with high privacy.
※Each room is equipped with a simple lock; please take care of your valuables.
※Please refrain from the admission of non-guest to the geuesthouse.
※There's no parking lot for bikes in Guesthouse Itoya, so please refrain from bringing bicycle or a motorbike here.

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